MEDAPTI –  the new baby syringe adapter to make giving medicine to your baby safer and more effective.

Standard baby syringes don’t always work.

  • Do you worry that the medicine will make your baby choke?
  • Does your baby refuse to take the medication?
  • Does your baby spit the medicine out?
  • Do you worry about hurting your baby’s gums?
  • Do you find yourself squirting the medicine on the floor instead of your baby’s mouth?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then MEDAPTI is your perfect solution!

The safe baby syringe adapter


How does MEDAPTI baby syringe adapter make it safer and more effective to give medicine?

  • This new baby syringe adapter directs medicine to the cheek which is the safest way as it prevents the baby from choking. It helps to avoid taste buds and makes it harder for a baby to spit the medicine out, minimises the risk of baby taking an incorrect dose.
  • It helps to keep the syringe in baby’s mouth even if the baby is moving around or refusing to take the medicine, minimising the risk of baby taking an incorrect dose.
  • It is soft, protecting baby’s mouth and gums.
  • It is simple and mess free.
  • It only requires the use of one hand when dispensing the medicine, leaving you with a free hand to hold your baby.

Why did I invent MEDAPTI?

the safe baby syringe adapter inventor

As a mum of two, I really struggled to give medicine to my children when they were babies. My first baby was on reflux medication for months and I was always worried about hurting his gums with the hard plastic baby syringe. My second baby refused to take the medicine altogether. My biggest worries included giving him an incorrect dose if the medicine got squirted outside his mouth, making him choke if the medicine shot too fast down his throat and hurting his gums. It was always such a distressing experience and a big worry that he would become more unwell if I was unable to give him his medication. Every time I saw his distraught face or the medicine spilled all over him, me or the floor, I just couldn’t stop thinking: “There has to be a better and safer way!” This is how the idea of MEDAPTI, the new baby syringe adapter was born. 

To read more about my journey in developing this innovative baby syringe adapter, please see my timeline here.

There are fifteen types of medicine dispensers: soft syringes, dummy dispensers, syringe bottles and many more. Some can make your baby choke, some are too messy, some too difficult to use, some are not suitable for babies that don’t take dummies or bottles, some simply ineffective.  The more I researched, the more I realised that I was not the only one who struggled with giving medicine to my children. Here are some examples of other parents’ struggles:

“I got the gripe water out and tried to give with syringe, which was a bit of a battle bless him. Suddenly he started choking on the last bit….went so so stiff trying to get air, coughing and spluttering eventually.”  

“I tried the sneaky syringe technique. Unfortunately, my baby is able to rotate his head almost 180 degrees so I can’t see his mouth let alone stick a syringe in half the time!”

“I am a pharmacist and found it incredibly difficult with my two. I now have an older one who I can reason with and he will take the medicine himself with persuasion. I would have to hold them down firmly. One arm behind my back, other arm held firmly in my hand then use other hand to put syringe into the very back of the cheek at an angle (…) Very difficult issue.”

“When I’ve had trouble giving her calpol, it’s been because she thrashes her head from side to side, and refuses to have it in her mouth, or just won’t swallow and dribbles it back out again.”

“She hates the amoxicillin and it’s so hard to get her to take it without crying and that always had me scared she would inhale it. Well tonight I was giving it to her (in small amounts at a time) and the last amount that I squirted into her mouth made her choke. I was terrified!”

“I tried pinning her down, but I’m nervous because she fights so hard im going to hurt her, plus I really don’t want her taking medicine to be an overly traumatic experience.”

“The doctor prescribed antibiotics. I’ve tried giving it by spoon & syringe but it ends up all over & him in tears!”

“Used the Calpol syringe they supply with the Calpol and my 9 week old choked and wasn’t taking a breath for about 40 seconds. It was horrible and my stomach sank felt physically sick!!! Its very stiff and ended up squirting all the liquid into her mouth. A lot of patting and blowing on her face she finally took a breath.”

“Neither of mine have choked etc (thankfully!) but my youngest threw up violently after I had given him a dose with one of the syringes provided with the medicine…think it hit the back of his throat too hard and made him vomit!”

“A nurse at hospital choked my son by squirting 5ml of medicine straight to the back of his throat he’s 7 now and still hates having medicine.”

What do others think of MEDAPTI concept,  the new baby syringe adapter?

“I’m a paediatric nurse and I think this is fab idea and could see us using it on the wards in hospital!”

“It would be very useful with disabled children.”

“I wish I had it with my premature baby to give him milk!”

“I think this is a great idea to be honest. Giving medicine can be quite a traumatic experience all round sometimes!”

“Oh great, I have one baby who vamps his mouth tightly shut at the sight of any syringe so this would be great!”

“As a mother of two children both of whom did not like to take medicine I think its very interesting.”

“I’m a paediatric nurse and think this is brilliant!”

“I could have used it when I gave birth and needed something for colostrum when I struggled.”

“Clever idea! The times when I could have used this!”

“Great product!! Well done.”

“I had problems with 2 of my children. I think it’s a great idea and I would have bought it.”

“Could have done with this last week! Great idea.”

“ I too had problems administering medicine. I think I would have tried something like this if it had been available especially for my first born as I recall looking for all sorts of solutions to the problems I encountered at the time.”

“That actually looks fantastic!”

“I think is a great idea to avoid the fight of getting the medicine in and I like that it goes to the cheek.”

“I used to really struggle getting medicine into my little one when he was younger. In the end I was using the dummies you fill with medicine but he soon cottoned on & refused them too! I would definitely try this, looks a great solution!”

“100% would buy this. My son will not take his medication, this would help loads.”

“This would be very handy! My daughter spits out medicine most of the time!”

“This is great. Would love to stock it when ready, so keep in touch.” 

I also received very positive feedback from various health professionals. MEDAPTI gained interest with hospitals like Great Ormond Street Hospital, Alder Hey and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

To date, I have had an amazing PR coverage, including The SunThe Mirror and second best-selling newspaper in Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza. MEDAPTI was recently featured on Mummy PagesThe Baby Website and Nursery Online. I also secured various free guest blog posts: Honest MumPacif-iBringing Up CharlieMum Muddling ThroughMum Turned MomInspiring MompreneursMother Distracted and Little Hearts, Big Love – a mum blogger whose daughter was born with half a working heart, who could see a real need in my invention and wished she had my product when her baby was born.

What’s next?

I am confident that MEDAPTI, the new baby syringe adapter will not only become a must-have baby care item but a hospital tool, helping to dispense medicine to babies, premature infants, the disabled and elderly.

I am very proud of how far I have come development of my invention. I loved every minute of turning an idea into a product which has the potential to benefit many. I am ready to take it to the next level, I am currently looking for an investment in order to produce and test the first batch of MEDAPTI.

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