– Launching Early 2020 –

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The MEDAPTI oral syringe adapter for babies is a simple solution to medicine administration struggles; a new alternative to baby medicine dispensers. With a design built for ease and comfort, MEDAPTI helps you give your baby vital medicine they need, easily, and worry-free.

What Medapti Does

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MEDAPTI makes medicine administration smoother for you and your baby, providing a gentler way to help them feel better. It’s compatible with oral syringes that come with main brand medication for babies. MEDAPTI is your simple solution to a happier medicine time for both of you, giving you peace of mind.

What do other people think of the MEDAPTI concept?

“This is a fab idea”

I’m a paediatric nurse and I think this is a fab idea and could see us using it on the wards in the hospital!


“Looks a great solution!”

“I was using the dummies you fill with medicine but he soon cottoned on and refused them too! I would definitely try this, looks a great solution!


““It would be very useful with disabled children.”


“I wish I had it with my premature baby to give him milk!”


“I could have used it when I gave birth”

“I could have used it when I gave birth and needed something for colostrum when I struggled.


“Wish I had this when my son was a baby”

Wish I had this when my son was a baby, he was a nightmare for spitting his Calpol and Neurofen out! Tried a medication dummy and it was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

“I’m a paediatric nurse and think this is brilliant!”


“This is such a good idea!”

My 2-year-old is a nightmare with any medicine! When he is poorly, I can’t even get Calpol down him this is such a good idea!


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