What is MEDAPTI?

MEDAPTI is more than an oral syringe adapter for babies; it’s peace of mind for you and your little one. We know that giving medicine to your baby isn’t always easy. There’s the classic head turn, the clamped mouth, the pull away, the wriggle, and, of course, the heart-breaking crying. You worry about hurting their delicate gums, the medicine spilling everywhere, or going straight down their throat.

As a parent, I wanted a quality product that would make all those issues disappear.

MEDAPTI is a small solution that makes a huge difference to this troublesome problem. With a baby-friendly design, built for ease and comfort, MEDAPTI helps you give your baby vital medicine they need, quickly, and stress-free.


MEDAPTI is a family-oriented business created by Dora Dyk. After medicine time became distressing with one of her young boys, Dora set out to create a product that would make giving your baby medicine as easy as ABC.

In 2013, the MEDAPTI oral syringe adapter was born.

The birth of MEDAPTI

My name is Dora, and I am a mum of two wonderful boys who are the inspiration and drive behind MEDAPTI.

I fully understand how hard it can be to give medicine to babies. When my boys were little, medicine time was a struggle, to say the least. With my first son, as a first-time mum, I worried that the hard plastic syringe would hurt his delicate gums.

My second son was a different story – he refused medicine altogether. Getting the syringe near his mouth was an achievement, let alone trying to squirt the medicine in his mouth. He would get anxious, become distressed, and try to resist. It always worried me he would become more unwell. I was also fearful that the medicine would shoot straight down his throat and make him choke (which happened a few times and was really scary!)

Giving simple medicines was messy and watching my baby become so upset was heart-wrenching. Every time I saw his distraught face or the medicine spilt all over him, me or the floor, I couldn’t stop thinking: “There has to be a better way!”.

Frustrated I couldn’t find a product that was good enough, I decided to create a solution. I started drawing the designs for MEDAPTI. I got the Play-Doh, scissors, and paper out, and started on my journey.

Fast forward to now, MEDAPTI has gone from my home-made dream to gathering interest from children’s hospitals, including Great Ormond Street Hospital, and has been featured widely in the British and international media.

I set out to make medicine time more relaxed. I am so glad that MEDAPTI can help other parents and caregivers make sure that keeping their baby healthy is a positive part of their day.