• Step One

    Fill the syringe with the correct dose of medicine as directed by your doctor or medication manufacturer before attaching Medapti.

  • Step Two

    Hold Medapti by the mouth-guard (take care not to cover the dispensing hole) and push the syringe inside the tube of Medapti, twisting the syringe slightly (make sure not to press the plunger). Check the syringe is pushed to the end of the tube.

  • Step Three

    Make sure your baby is in an upright position. Insert the tube of Medapti (not the mouth-guard) inside baby’s mouth, aiming at the inside of the cheek on either side.

  • Step Four

    Use the syringe to slowly administer the dose in small amounts, as directed by your doctor or medication manufacturer. Take Medapti out between the squirts and allow your child to swallow before putting it in baby’s mouth again. Do not squirt the entire dose in one go.


    That’s it! It’s as simple as that. No mess, no fuss.