MEDAPTI is a family-oriented business created by Dora, a mum of two and an entrepreneur at heart. After medicine time became distressing with one of her young boys, Dora set out to create a product that would make giving medicine to babies easy and worry-free.


The beginning

My name is Dora, and I am a mum of two wonderful boys who are the inspiration and the drive behind MEDAPTI.

When my boys were little, medicine time was a real struggle. My first baby was on reflux medication for the first few months and every time I had to give him his medicine, I was worried that the hard plastic syringe would hurt his delicate gums. Giving medicine to my second baby was even more of a worry, as he refused the medicine altogether. Although he didn’t have any medical issues, he used to get really high temperatures that would spike up very fast and were difficult to control. It was important to give him Calpol quickly but he would become distressed, clamp his mouth, pull away, cry uncontrollably and the medicine would normally end up all over me, my baby or the floor. It was heart-breaking to watch him get so upset and a big worry, because I had a burning up baby in my arms.

I found various products: medicine dummies, soft syringes, medicine bottles and many more, but some were too messy or difficult to use, some directed the medicine straight down the throat, some were not suitable for babies that don’t like dummies, some simply ineffective. One of the medicine dispensers I used, helped me place the syringe in my baby’s mouth safely, which was very helpful, but many times the medicine shot straight down his throat and he started choking. To watch your tiny baby trying to catch a breath is extremely scary. My heart stopped every single time! Luckily, he always got his breath back but many times, because the medicine hit the back of his throat, it made him throw the medicine up. At that point, we had another worry, how much did he manage to swallow? Do we administer more?

Giving medicine to my baby was just a struggle and a constant worry. Every time I looked at his upset face, I just couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a product to help parents like me and babies like mine! Frustrated, I decided to create one. I started drawing the designs, got the Play-Doh, scissors, and paper out, and started on my journey.

The design


I wanted to make a product that would be extremely simple to use. When you have an unwell and crying baby in your arms, you can use quickly and easily.

An adapter for a baby syringe was the perfect solution. It was simple. You fill the syringe as normal and you just slip Medapti on! Then later, the idea of an angle came. Aiming the medicine to the cheek is important as it can prevent the medicine shooting straight down the throat. My product had to do just that – direct the medicine to the side! This is how the final design of Medapti was born!



Fast forward to now, MEDAPTI has gone from my home-made dream to  a patented product, gathering interest from children’s hospitals, including Great Ormond Street Hospital. It has also been featured widely in the British and international media.


MEDAPTI was also chosen as one of the four finalists in the BPA Concept & Innovation Awards 2019 competition.

MEDAPTI is more than an oral syringe adapter for babies; it’s peace of mind for you and your little one. I know from experience that giving medicine to your baby isn’t always easy. There is the classic head turn, the clamped mouth, the pull away, the wriggle, and, above all, the heart-breaking crying. More so, you worry about hurting their delicate gums, the medicine spilling everywhere, or going straight down their throat.

As a parent, I wanted a quality product that would make all those issues disappear. This is why I set out to find a simple solution for parents that struggle to give medicine to their babies, like I did when my boys were little.

I am so glad that MEDAPTI can help other parents and caregivers make sure that keeping their baby healthy is a positive part of their day. I am hoping to launch by the end of 2020. If you would like to know the exact launch date, please sign up here.