Our Story

Why did I invent MEDAPTI?

My name is Dora and I am a mum of two wonderful boys who are the inspiration and drive behind the new baby syringe adapter that will help to dispense liquid medicine to babies. I fully understand how hard it can be to give medicine to babies. When my boys were little, I really struggled with it myslef. My first baby was on reflux medication for months and I used to cringe every time I had to use the hard plastic baby syringe. I used to worry about hurting his delicate gums. It’s my second baby and his feisty nature that made me design a new syringe adapter. He had no medical issues but was an absolute nightmare when it came to taking any medication, including Calpol and Nurofen. Getting the syringe near his mouth was an achievement, let alone trying to squirt the medicine in his mouth. He used to pull away, move around and cry uncontrollably. I was always worried that he would become more unwell or that I wouldn’t be able to bring his temperature down if I couldn’t give him his medication. I was also anxious that the medicine would shoot straight down his throat and make him choke (which happened a few times and was incredibly scary!). Trying to give him his medication was just a very distressing experience. Every time I saw his distraught face or the medicine spilled all over him, me or the floor, I just couldn’t stop thinking: “There has to be a better way!”.

Frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t find a product that could help me, one night, I started drawing the designs, I got the play-doh, scissors and paper out and this is how the whole journey began…the idea of MEDAPTI, the new baby syringe adapter was born. Fast forward five years later, MEDAPTI concept received interest in major children hospitals, including Great Ormond Street Hospital. It was featured in The SunThe Mirror, second best-selling newspaper in Poland – Gazeta Wyborcza as well as many blogging websites. My personal favourite is Little Hearts, Big Love, a mum who blogs about her daughter who was born with half a working heart. She could see a real need in my invention and wished she had it when her little one was born. It is an amazing feeling to think that one day I will be able to help many parents and babies, especially those that need that extra bit of medication.

MEDAPTI will launch at the beginning of 2019! If you would like to be notified when it’s available for sale, sign up here.

If you would like to follow my journey further, please ask to join my Turning a product idea into reality #medaptijourney Facebook Group.